Armies That Never Were: The Retinue of the Lost

A band of lost souls, picked up and led by the mysterious Knight in Saffron Rags. On rare occasions, the Retinue will materialise out of the mists to shift the tides of a battle, or either save or slaughter the denizens of the realms. Who is friend or foe to them is impossible to predict, … Continue reading Armies That Never Were: The Retinue of the Lost


Half a year’s progress

Been working on several skirmish-sized warbands since Novemeber, with the goal of building, converting and painting about 6 miniatures per month. Concentrating on just a handful of models was pretty fun and fit my schedule perfectly. At this point, I can't imagine going back to working on a fully sized army, but I definitely plan … Continue reading Half a year’s progress

New ideas for the Ashwood Revenants

The new previews by Games Workshop got me pretty excited. The massive burning skull thing is an obvious include, but some of the new Nighthaunt models really seem like they'd make for great kitbash material. More specifically, I am talking about those ghost-horses that could easily made to look like they're burning. I had already … Continue reading New ideas for the Ashwood Revenants

Desert Aelfs

I've always wanted to do something related to Warhammer's Araby, though I felt it was a bit boring to just have them be ... well, vaguely arabian warriors – so I decided to just make them elves instead! These Desert Aelfs are led by Sandshapers, who are able to summon the spirits of the wastes.